Company Profile - United Networking Enterprises, Inc., is a Nationwide Environmental Care Management company that maintains high standards of integrity and conducts business in the most honest and trustworthy manner. Our cleaning products are approved by GREEN SEAL and by Federal, State, and Local Purchasing Programs. We clean for health first and appearance second for a healthier, better environment. Our products and practices are environmentally friendly and responsible, allowing improved indoor air quality while protecting the health of building occupants and workers. In other words, UNE is dedicated to making the WOW!  difference by going above and beyond expectations.
Minority & Small Business Enterprise Certifications - Florida Statewide - Inter-Local, Hillsborough County Public Schools, City of St. Petersburg.
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Full Service Facility Cleaning and Facility Cleaning Management - Specializing in: Public Assembly / Sports, Corporate Office, Banking, Education (K-12 and Higher), Healthcare, Food Service, Military, Criminal Justice, Aviation, Technology, Manufacturing, Distribution, Hospitality, Condo, Multifamily, Retail Establishments, Entertainment Complexes, Transportation, Disaster Cleaning, Construction Final Clean Up (All Facilities)
High-up Interior Surface Cleaning - For Improved Environmental Health and Improved Environmental Wellness. Air Returns, Metal Duct Work, Ceiling Support Beams, Electrical Conduit Pipes, Light Fixtures, Security Cameras, Vacuum System Tubing, Ceiling Fans, Wall Fixtures, Mechanical Room.
Daily On Demand Maid Service - Designed specifically to meet the client's cleaning needs with the use of professional, trained staff.
Daily On Demand Labor Staffing - Effective Communication is the Cornerstone to Service Excellence and Guarantees Pro-active and Rapid Response to Client's Daily Labor Demands.
Visual Advantage Window Cleaning - UNE Window Cleaning Service is Dedicated to the Highest Quality of Workmanship, Professionalism, and Safety.
Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Contractor - Experienced in the evaluation of indoor air quality, identifying airborne molds and other organic and inorganic particulates, knowing how and where to search for mold contamination, practice proper protocols in mold sample collection during our mold inspections for laboratory analysis.  Using proper safety measures and chemicals during our mold remediation process to treat and remove mold contamination.
Disaster Recovery - UNE provides a wide range of Disaster Recovery Services using our state-of-the-art restoration techniques.
Floor Care Services & Supplies - Concrete Polishing and Staining, VCT Flooring (Stripping, Waxing, Buffing), Epoxy, Marble, Travertine, Terrazzo, Hardwood, Rubber, Vinyl, Access Computer Flooring (Under Floor and Top Floor Cleaning), Carpet Cleaning.
Marble & Stone Care - Floors, Walls, Countertops.
Grout Cleaning and Restoration
Theater - Auditorium Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
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UNE Healthy Smart-San Fundraiser - At last, a healthy approach to raising funds for schools & clubs.
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Healthy Hands Flyer: "Keeping hands clean through improved hand hygiene is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others." Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [PDF]
Healthy School Program: The CDC states that the most important thing you can do to stay healthy is to keep your hands clean. By following these four easy steps and using sanitizing products from UNE, Inc. your school can dramatically reduce the spread of germs and keep your school environment healthier! [PDF]
Religious Facility Cleaning
ALPET D2 Ready to Use Surface Disinfectant, Sanitizer
Norovirus Infection Control Technology
Access Computer Floor "White Glove" Cleaning - A raised floor system plays an important role in creating the ideal environment for your equipment and personnel. Proper care of a raised floor insures optimum performance for your flooring system. 
Advance Panel Lifter - This device was specially designed so that a person can stand up and not have to bend down when lifting and replacing access floor panels.
Pressure Surface Washing - Brick Surfaces, Driveways, Concrete Decks, Concrete Stairs, Stucco, Sidewalks, Porches, Patios, Pool Decks, Concrete Walls, Stone, Tile, Parking Garages.
MRSA Infection Control Technology
Biomist™ Power Sanitizing System - For the first time in North America: A way to quickly sanitize equipment and facilities! The Biomist™ system safely power sprays a sanitizing solution of concentrated alcohols.  Alcohol sanitizes thoroughly.  But its flammability has always presented a problem.  The Biomist™ system envelopes a sanitizing mist of alcohol in a stream of carbon-dioxide gas, displacing any oxygen than might lead to combustion.  It kills germs faster, more effectively, and with less labor than any previous method.  It kills the germs that could endanger your customers, patients, or the general public.
Biomist Power Sanitizing System Flyer [PDF]
Cleaning and Sanitizing Indoor / Outdoor Recreational Play Areas - Restaurants, Schools, Playgrounds, Amusement Parks, Airports, Shopping Malls, Child Care Centers, All Recreational Play Area Environments. UNE is Playground Safety Certified.
Indoor Environmental Care Consulting - Recommended Practices and Products for Safer Indoor Environment.
Norovirus Q & A: Noroviruses are a group of viruses that cause the “stomach flu,” or gastroenteritis (GAS-tro-en-ter-I-tis), in people.
Pandemic Influenza Infection Prevention Supplies - Alcohol-based Hand Hygiene Products, Face Masks, etc.
BrandStand Reach out and touch your customers with the adjustable, portable, promotional hand sanitizer stand. [PDF]
Ready-To-Use Sanitizers and Disinfectant Products - According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control): Hand washing is the single most important thing you can do to prevent illness.
VersaClenz - All-In-One Hand Hygiene System. Simple, Versatile, Compliant. (PDF)

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